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TELUS is working to bring fibre optic technology to our area in a big way - over 90% of all homes and businesses in Kelowna will have direct access to the TELUS Fibre Optic Network over the next few months.

This project represents a major technological advancement and economic opportunity for the area:

  • As a resident with fibre optic cable running right to your house, you will soon be able to enjoy the best in home entertainment, plus access the fastest Internet speeds that TELUS offers (currently up to 100Mbps).
  • Access to fibre technology can help spur growth and create opportunities.  It means that as a local business owner, you will have the bandwidth needed to better serve your customers right from your community and develop innovative ways to deliver services in today's connected world.
  • As a residential or commercial building owner, you will be able to offer your tenants state-of-the-art communication services making your building more attractive to potential buyers and renters.

For more information on fibre optic technology and to register for progress updates, please visit us at or call 310-3427

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