The Mortgage Centre Interior


The Mortgage Centre Interior

103-386 Ellis Street
Kelowna, BC V2A 4L7 | map | directions

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DLC The Mortgage Hub
103 - 386 Ellis Street
Penticton, BC  V2A 4L7

Harry Howard of the DLC The Mortgage Hub arrived in Canada via the UK and NZ in 1988 and has been helping homeowners since 1999. First as an award winning Realtor, then in 2000 Harry switched to Mortgage Brokerage realising that his skill set and preference were better suited to the financial end of the real estate transaction.
Harry can guide you through the financing process, whether you are buying, refinancing or your mortgage has come up for renewal.

Purchasing: Assisting first time buyers through the entire process from start to finish, what to be aware of, the costs, pre-approvals to see how much they can afford.
If you are already a homeowner, Harry can pre-approve you for your next purchase and guide you through the process.

Refinances: People refinance for a myriad of reasons, consolidate debt, renovations or investments.

Renewals: A high percentage of people automatically renew their mortgage with their current lender. The current lender rarely offers the best rate. Contact Harry to discuss your mortgage renewal and let him get the best mortgage to suit your needs.

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