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Decisive Dividend Corporation


Decisive Dividend Corporation

260-1855 Kirschner Road
Kelowna, BC V1Y4N7 | map | directions
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Decisive Dividend is an acquisition-oriented company, focused on opportunities in manufacturing. Our purpose is to be the sought-out choice for exiting legacy-minded business owners, while supporting the long-term success of the business acquired. Through that, we create sustainable and growing shareholder returns.

What We Do

Buy - We use a disciplined strategy to identify profitable, well-established, high quality manufacturing companies. We look for a sustainable competitive advantage, steady cash flows, growth potential and established strong leadership.

Build - We support the long-term success of the business acquired, with resources to help them achieve their potential. We recognize that those running the business know it better than we do.

Hold - We care about continuing the business legacies of the vendors whose companies we acquire and are committed to the communities our businesses are located in. We do not buy a company to sell it.

Member Since: 2017
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