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We are NowMedia Group. Regardless of which strategy group is in motion, we are storytellers. We know our communities best, and understand the most impactful ways to reach the audience.

We care about our communities and tell the stories that matter on our NowCities platforms.

We see things through a creative lens and tell stories using visuals whether still or in motion with NowProductions.

We understand content, and what to do with it. NowPublishing has the ability to tell stories through rich photography and the written word.

We are allergic to small and mediocre, which is why we decided to plan, organize and execute one of the largest conferences to ever come to Kelowna in less than 6 months. Our first project with NowEvents was the 2019 Level Up Executive Leadership Conference.

We can take your dream, and create it at our extremely unique print studio. Csek Printing and Signage rounds our organization out as a full 360 agency wit

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